5 Myths About Accountancy That Are Simply Untrue!

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Accounting can be a really rewarding profession. Almost every business needs an accountant and there will always be jobs in this field. If you are someone who is interested in making accounting your profession but hesitate because of the accountancy myths related to this profession, or you are looking for an accountant for your business, please read on…

Accountancy is just about maths

Many people think that to be an accountant you have to be excellent at maths. Ask any accountant some quick-fire mental arithmetic questions and you’ll quickly realise this definitely isn’t the case! The skill in accounting comes in being able to read and interpret numbers, which is a very different skill to maths! In fact, the best accountants are wordsmiths who can make the numbers tell a story!

Accountancy is a man’s job!

This is also one of the biggest myths related to accountancy – there are in fact a high proportion of women in the accountancy profession at all levels. It is increasingly popular as a career path for women due to the as the variety it offers, and the flexibility to be combined with family commitments.

All accounts are boring and introvert!

Many people think that accountancy is restricted to the back office of any business and an accountant doesn’t need to interact with anyone – thus, people who are boring and introvert are best suited for this job. This is a complete misconception. All accountants need to interact with clients, employees, their client’s customers, other professionals, etc, and the better they relate the more effective they are!

Small businesses have no need for an accountant!

Many think that small businesses and startup ventures do not need an accountant in the initial stages, and only then need one at financial year-end. This is far from reality, as every successful business needs an accountant to work alongside them throughout the year, whatever their size. All successful business owners recognize the need to forecast, know their budgets, understand their monthly numbers and the trends in their business in order to make key strategic decisions, and know that an accountant is crucial to this.

An accountant will cost me a fortune!

Wrong! The right accountant will be worth every penny – but, finding a firm of accountants the right size and style to suit your business is crucial to being cost-effective. Here at Clear Vision Financial Management, we aren’t the cheapest, but we are confident that our fees represent absolute value for money. Our service and fee is tailored to suit each and every client so that they only pay for the services they require, whether that’s our part-time Financial Director services, bookkeeping and payroll, monthly management accounts, annual accounts or pension auto-enrolment. To view the entire range of services we offer please visit www.clearvision.com.

Clear Vision is based in Romsey, but serve clients throughout the South of England including London. For more information, please contact Sean Daniel via email: sean@cv-fm.com or telephone: 01794 329339.

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