Ensuring a safe workplace during Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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With businesses now beginning to re-open as Coronavirus (Covid-19) is going to be here for the long-term, how can you prepare your workplace for the ‘new normal’?

There are some simple measures that all businesses can take to ensure their workplace is a safer environment for their employees, these include:

·       Making sure all surfaces (desks, tables etc) and all objects (telephones, keyboards, etc) are wiped down with disinfectant on a regular basis.

·       Promote regular handwashing by all employees, visitors, contractors and customers (anyone who enters your workplace).

·       Place hand sanitizer dispensers around the workplace and ensure they are regularly topped up.

·       Display posters and signage to remind everyone to wash their hands regularly, especially in key areas such as the toilets and kitchens.

·       Provide regular communication in meetings and emails to update staff on the importance of hygiene.

·       Ensure staff are aware of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms (mild cough, temperature) and that they need to stay home if they display any of these symptoms (no matter how mild).

·       Again, communicate this with everyone by displaying posters and reminding staff in meetings and via emails.

·       Make it clear to staff that it is ok to have time off and it will be counted as sick leave.

·       Take all reasonable steps to ensure there is a 2-metre social distance between staff with signage to remind everyone of this.

·       Identify any vulnerable staff members and ensure appropriate measures have been put in place for them and that they are happy with the risk assessment.

·       Complete a risk assessment with all employees that are returning to the office.

The above are just a few minor steps your business can take to ensure the workplace is ready to re-open, the WHO (World Health Organization) have produced some more detailed guidance on how to prepare your workplace for Coronavirus (Covid-19) which you can read here.

If you need help or support on any of the above, please contact the friendly team at Clear Vision on 01794 330 025 or email them at info@cv-fm.com.

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