5 reasons why you should be outsourcing your payroll

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Struggling to manage your payroll? In most cases you’ll find that it’s not as costly as you think to outsource your payroll services to an accountant.

Did you know that almost two-thirds of all businesses are now outsourcing their payroll? Whatever industry you’re in, payroll can take up quite a portion of time and that’s assuming everything goes smoothly! Here, Clear Vision Financial Management, based in Romsey, near Southampton, Hampshire, shows how you and your business could benefit by outsourcing your payroll services.

1. Save time and money

Large businesses can afford to have their own internal payroll departments but if you own or manage a small or medium sized business, you may find that payroll ends up rather costly.

For example, once you add up the time and cost of employee resource, software, training and printing, you could be pleasantly surprised to find that an accountant, such as Clear Vision, can usually offer payroll services for a reasonable fee, freeing up your staff to focus on other activities.

2. Stay compliant

With Making Tax Digital coming into effect earlier in early 2019, it may feel like regulations are ever-changing. Keeping up with HMRC changes and, more importantly, complying with them, isn’t easy and can lead to some serious penalties if you aren’t careful. When you choose to outsource your payroll, you’re outsourcing the complications and headaches that go with it. What’s more, a trusted and reputable accountant can ensure that any legal requirements are met.

Here at Clear Vision, we use Making Tax Digital compliant software, Xero, to assist with bookkeeping. If you’re looking for a solution to ensure that your business stays compliant, whether it’s needing assistance with statutory accounts or corporation tax returns, click here to find out more about how we can help.

3. Reliability

How many people does your payroll team consist of? Whether it’s two or 12, there’s always a risk that you may lose a key member of your team, along with their knowledge.

If you outsource your payroll services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your payroll will be ready come payday, regardless of sickness, holidays or unexpected resignations.

4. Avoid any payroll errors (and the stress that comes with them!)

Mistakes in payroll can be complicated, stressful and cause tension in the workplace. By outsourcing payroll services, chances of an error are significantly reduced as you’re paying a reliable accountant for their knowledge, experience, expertise and careful execution of practices that they already have in place.

5. Focus on what you do best and let us do the rest

Certain types of employment contracts, such as temporary staff, or situations such as long term sickness can lead to more complicated payroll situations. It’s beneficial to have someone on hand who knows all the ins and outs with payroll and has previous experience of these tricky scenarios.

Here at Clear Vision, we’ve worked across a variety of sectors and have industry specific expertise, market insights and appreciation of the specific challenges facing each sector. This means you can rest assured knowing that we can handle payroll, along with a host of other services, while you and your team focus on doing what you do best.

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