How your SME could benefit from a part time Finance Director

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If you’re the owner of a small or medium (SME) business, it can seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything.

From client relations to in-house staff issues, an owner or Director of an SME has to wear a variety of different ‘hats’ daily and sometimes finances are not at the top of the priorities list (even if they should be).

Clear Vision Financial Management, which has offices in Bournemouth and Romsey explains why. If this sounds like you, your business could benefit from a part-time Finance Director.

It’s not as costly as you might think…

When you hear the term ‘Finance Director’, you might think it sounds expensive. The truth is that it’s probably not as costly as you might assume.

Bearing in mind that a full-time Finance Director can be taking home a salary in the region of £100k, a part-time outsourced alternative can be a great option for an SME without the workload, or means, to have someone dedicated to the business’ finances full-time.

Expert advice without the HR hassle

In a small business, it can be challenging to juggle staff sickness, time spent in meetings and HR management, especially when you throw thinking about profitability and forward planning into the equation.

That’s where a part-time Finance Director comes in handy. Typically working within your business between 3-5 days in a month, they can provide their expert advice to you as and when you need it, without taking up valuable resource that you might not be able to spare.

Take a step back from your business

When you live and breathe your business, it can be beneficial to take a step back and get opinions or advice from an independent party.

A part-time Finance Director will be able to work alongside you to give you a level of insight into your accounts that you might not have previously had, as well as ensuring that everything makes sense! With a new level of understanding, you can plan more strategically going forward.

Outsourced financial assistance

Clear Vision Financial Management founding Director and Chartered Management Accountant, Sean Daniel, acts as a part-time Finance Director for a variety of businesses across Hampshire, whilst the rest of the team can work as your outsourced financial department.

From general bookkeeping to monitoring profitability, the team at Clear Vision can work closely alongside you to ensure that you feel in control of your business finances.

If you have any questions or would like more information on how a part-time FD can help you, contact the friendly team on 01794 330 025 or email .

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