Why you should choose a small accountancy over corporate

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The world of accounting is complex and it can be confusing when you are deciding on which accounting firm will best suit your needs. When you want to get a haircut, you won’t just drop at the first salon you see, especially if you know that there’s a hairdresser that mastered just the type of hairstyle you want, am I right?

Well, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than excellence, especially when it comes to a decision as vital as which accountant to use, and that’s why you should always look first at your local accounting firms. Often people don’t realise the full potential of local, smaller accounting firms, which can provide them with a much better accounting experience, both cost and quality wise, than a big accounting firm could.

Customers of small accounting firms aren’t just another fish in the endless ocean of faceless clients, and each and every one matters the same to the firm, so you avoid the risk of being neglected as a customer. In small accounting firms, you’re not just another random name in the file, you can count on a personalised and bespoke service, customised to fit your specific needs.

With a local accounting firm, you can be confident that they understand local markets and customers, and that the service you get will be tailored to your specific needs. Small accounting firms hold an advantage over big, corporate ones – due to their size, there are more adaptable and can react more quickly to the needs of the customer.

Smaller client base guarantees the quality of service because providing world-class customer service to a smaller clientele is much more manageable than to ensure that thousands and thousands of customers from different parts of the country get an equal service. This way, smaller companies ensure that their clients are only getting the best possible service. It’s important to note that in smaller companies, you can expect your accountant to be your trusted advisor throughout the year, able to advise all various aspect of your business, not just a one-dimensional accountant who only looks at your books once a year.

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